The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) of Chatswood High School brings parents, staff and other members of the community together, to advance the best interests of the school and its students. The P&C plays an important role in supporting the school through parent volunteer Sub-Committees which support the programmes and activities that the School is involved with. All parents are invited to participate in the activities of the P&C.

Registered charity

The aim of our P&C is to encourage communication between parents and the school and to create a strong feeling of the school community through:

  • clear explanation and discussion of issues related to the school
  • helping parents get to know staff and each other
  • supporting the school executive and teaching staff
  • providing a forum for staff to explain different aspects of student learning
  • encouraging parents to volunteer a small amount of time and expertise to support school initiatives.

All parents are invited to attend P&C meetings. To join the P&C costs just $2 per year, this entitles you to vote on motions at the meeting following the one in which you join. 

Our Vision

  • Facilitate and improve member interest, communication and participation in P&C activities
  • Continue to build strong communication links between parents, students and teachers
  • Provide ongoing support for student wellbeing programs
  • Improve physical facilities through building projects and continue applying for grant funding
  • Improve technology resources for teaching and learning

 For more information, see the Strategic Plan and Income and Spending over past years.