Strategic Plan 2019

The P&C raises the bulk of its funds through voluntary parent contributions to the P&C General and Building Funds. The P&C works closely with the school towards building a stronger school community where all children benefit.
P&C Contributions are vital to ensure key programs, equipment and initiatives are maintained. The more contributions that are received, the more opportunities we have to invest in our children’s development and education.

Suggested contributions are:

  • Building Fund $150 (tax deductable)
  • General Fund $100 (not tax deductable)

Building Fund $150 (tax deductible)

The CHS P&C Building Fund is approved by the ATO for tax-deductibility of donations credited to the fund. The associated Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR) dates from 1 July 2002. If you have made the contribution to the Chatswood High School Parents and Citizens’ Association Building Fund you are able to claim the payment as a charitable donation deduction in your personal income tax return. For more information about charitable donations see the ATO’s website FAQ. “Where donors are not issued with receipts, other statements and records can be used to help in the preparation of their tax return.” Donations to the CHS P&C Building Fund are included with school fee payments and will appear on the receipt given by the school. A specific receipt from the P&C is not required.

General Fund $100

Donations to the P&C General Fund are not tax-deductible.
Although the Association is registered with the ACNC, the registration isn’t clear about the distinction in the deductibility of the two funds.

Parent contributions are collected with payment of school fees.

The P&C would also appreciate any other help you may be able to give – please fill in the Get Involved form if you haven’t already.

Our Aims

  • to bring together the CHS community – the students, school and families to advance the best interest of students and school.
  • to support the school to provide extra opportunities to make high school an enriching and engaging time for all our students.
  • we do this by organizing social events, funding additional activities & resources and undertaking small building projects focussed on student amenities.
  • we run the uniform shop.

Our 4 key strategic areas are designed to support student engagement and enhance the school environment and CHS community, as follows 

Well Being Events are run complementary to the School’s curriculum program

  • Our first well-being information session for families was held on Monday, 11th February in the school hall. Over 100 parents, mainly from Year 7, enjoyed Jocelyn Brewer’s (adolescent psychologist and teacher) talk to parents on ideas to help manage Teenagers & Digital Nutrition. The Parent Resource page has links to her website & resources.
  • Monday, April 1, we will host respected author Madonna King speaking to our year 7-9 girl students during the day followed by a parent session on @6pm. Madonna has published 2 books – Being 14 – teenage girls (2017) ; and Daughters & Fathers (2018)
  • Monday May 1. Following the succuss last year Tomorrow Man is returning to CHS to challenge our year 10 students on gender stereotypes. We are very excited to be one of the first schools to run the Tomorrow Girl sessions.
  • Respectful relationships & sexual health sessions for year 9 will be held in term 3.

Enhancing the School Environment

See the Income and Spending page for P&C funding commitments.