Strategic Plan

Our Aims

The Chatswood High School (CHS) P&C aims to:

  • work collaboratively with the CHS community – the students, School and families – to advance the best interests of students and school
  • provide extra opportunities and resources to make high school an enriching and engaging time for all of our students
  • provide parents and carers of students at the school with networking and educational opportunities and resources.

Our 4 key strategic areas are designed to support student engagement and enhance the school environment and CHS community, as follows 

Each year, the CHS P&C works with the school to identify and support activities and events in these strategic areas.  Below are examples of past contributions from the P&C.

Well Being

  • The CHS P&C well-being program includes educational sessions for students and parents.
  • Our events cover topics such as digital safety, sexual health, mental well-being, drug and alcohol use, healthy study practices, and healthy sleeping habits.
  • See our Well-being and Learning Resources website for helpful links, and our Events page for upcoming events.

Leadership and Co-curricular

  • The CHS P&C has regularly contributed to the annual Student Leadership Camp.
  • We have also provided funding for co-curricular activities such as the Year 12 yearbook, art shows and projects, mock parliament, musical equipment, and before and after school sports training.

Enhancing the School Environment

  • The CHS P&C liaises with the School each year to identify value-adding physical enhancements and additions to the school environment.
  • In past years, our projects have included upgrades to the school bathrooms, provision of outdoor shade cloths, installation of bubblers near the oval, and installation of dedicated music rehearsal facilities.
  • CHS P&C also manages the Uniform Shop on behalf of the School.

Learning and Development

  • The CHS P&C receives requests from teachers to support learning and development opportunities for students.
  • Examples of initiatives we have funded include drama workshops, the provision of exercise bikes in the school, the purchase of equipment for engineering projects, International Teachers’ Day morning tea, and presentations by external experts.

Funding Support

The CHS P&C raises the bulk of its funds through voluntary parent contributions to the P&C Building and General Funds. These contributions are collected through the School’s student invoicing system.  Payment receipts are emailed to parents by the School.  If your receipt is not fully itemised, showing the Building Fund contribution as a separate item, for tax purposes please request an itemised receipt from the School’s Office.  

In recent years the P&C has also been successful in applying for, and receiving an annual community grant from the Chatswood RSL Club. Our other major source of funding comes through sales from the Uniform Shop.

The P&C works closely with the School towards building a stronger school community where all children benefit. Every year, the P&C develops a proposed budget in consultation with the School. The budget is approved by P&C members at the first P&C general meeting in February.  Please see the Income and Spending page for the current P&C funding commitments.

The annual suggested contributions from Chatswood High School families are:

  • Building Fund $150 (tax deductable)
  • General Fund $100 (not tax deductable)

Building Fund $150 (tax deductible)

The CHS P&C Building Fund is approved by the ATO for tax-deductibility of donations credited to the fund. The associated Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR) dates from 1 July 2002. If you have made a contribution to the Chatswood High School Parents and Citizens’ Association Building Fund, you are able to claim the payment as a charitable donation deduction in your personal income tax return. For more information about charitable donations see the ATO’s website FAQ. “Where donors are not issued with receipts, other statements and records can be used to help in the preparation of their tax return.” 

Tax Exemption Status

General Fund $100

Donations to the P&C General Fund are not tax-deductible.  Although the CHS P&C is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), the registration isn’t clear about the distinction in the deductibility of the two funds.