Mrs Chris Stirling was a parent who was actively involved with Chatswood High School from 1996 to 2003, when she died after a short terminal illness.  Chris joined the CHS community as a new parent in 1996 and was interested in supporting the School in whatever way she could.  For the next six years she was an active member of the P&C Association and the School Publicity Committee.  She also accepted the job of Uniform Shop Coordinator and used this role as an opportunity to both welcome and encourage new families to participate in the school community.  Chris was elected to the P&C Association Executive (formerly known as the School Council), and in 2000 she held the position of President.  Chris loved helping people, especially students, and was a volunteer scribe in the School Certificate and HSC for students with literacy difficulties.  She also worked in the canteen and was employed by CHS in the Food Technology area.  In 2001, Chris and husband Kim were awarded lifetime membership of the P&C Association in acknowledgment of their outstanding contributions to the school.

The Award

In memory of Chris and to honour her contributions, the P&C Association established an award, funded by the Uniform Shop and awarded each year at the CHS Presentation Day.

The Chris Stirling Award is merit-based, and awarded to a current CHS student who has dealt with a personal adversity or challenge that may affect their schoolwork, and who has shown resilience and strength. 

Any CHS teacher may nominate a candidate for the Award.  The CHS School Welfare Committee will select the recipient and notify the P&C Executive Committee in November each year.

The P&C Association will budget an amount annually for the Award.  The value of the Award is currently $350.  The P&C Association will consult with the CHS Principal at suitable intervals to review the Award’s administration including the amount to be provided.


The CHS Principal will notify the selected Student of his or her selection. The advice letter will include details of the Award’s origin and the dollar value of the award,  The public presentation of the Award should also acknowledge the source and history of the Award.