Here are some resources from well-being seminars and other discussions held at the school for parents:

Art of Smart

Recording (Passcode for access: =d04R&78)

The Sleep Connection

Black Dog Institute

Additional resources can be found on the Black Dog Institute website


Beyond Blue

Digital Distractions and Cybersafety


Digital Health and Wellbeing – Dr Kristy Goodwin

eSafety Information – Office of the eSafety Commissioner

Digital Nutrition – Jocelyn Brewer – Cyber Safety Experts

Parents at Work Video Webinar – Digital Wellbeing for Children

Talking the Talk

Tips, books and scripts to support you with finding out more about human sexuality and how to have conversations about it with kids.

Link library password talk

Sleep for Health

Paul Dillon – Drug and Alcohol Research Australia

Blog designed for parents: 


Online fact sheets:

Information about vaping: