At the P & C Annual General Meeting (AGM), all positions are declared vacant and nominations and voting takes place to form the new executive for the following year. The AGM is usually held in November.

NB: Only financial members of the P&C can stand for these positions.


The Executive Committee is constituted of the Officers (President, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer) and up to six other members. They are charged with carrying out the decisions of the association.


  • Convenes P&C Executive Meetings held as required but usually not more than one/month
  • Presides at all P&C meetings unless absent and then one of the Vice Presidents takes the chair.
  • Ensures the successful functioning of the P&C and the attainment of the P&C’s objectives
  • Fosters fair participation of all members
  • Ensures that the P&C takes part in the decision-making process in the school through regular meetings with the school executive
  • Ensures consistent adherence to the P&C constitution
  • Is a member of all sub-committees

Vice-Presidents (2)

  • Attends P&C Executive Meetings held as required but usually not more than one/month
  • In the absence of the President, presides at P&C meetings
  • Timekeeper for P&C meetings
  • Supports one of the sub-committees
  • Supports the President as required
  • Organise refreshments for P&C meetings
  • Welcome new members to meetings


  • Attends P&C Executive Meetings held as required but usually not more than one/month
  • Responsible for complying with financial accountability requirements.
  • Receives and deposits monies, maintains records, draws cheques and presents accounts to each general meeting.
  • Presents all records for auditing each year and hands over all records to the incoming treasurer on relinquishing office.


  • Attends P&C Executive Meetings held as required but usually not more than one/month
  • Attends every P&C meeting and keeps a record of all business conducted at meetings
  • Prepares meeting agendas in consultation with President, emails agenda and minutes to all members
  • Prepares meeting summary and notice for newsletter and website
  • Collects and tables all correspondence
  • Is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the meetings – unless otherwise stipulated
  • Manages electronic storage of all P&C documents
  • Hands over all records, minutes, account books etc to incoming secretary on relinquishing office
  • Supports one of the sub-committees

Non-Office Bearers (up to 6)

  • Attends P&C Executive Meetings held as required but usually not more than once/month
  • Offer ideas, advice, inspiration and support to the P&C executive without the responsibility of an office-bearing role.

Conveners of Sub-Committees:

Common Attributes

Each sub-committee has a member of the P&C Executive assigned to support them and to provide a communication link directly to the P&C Executive.

  • Chair committee meetings
  • Provide advance notification of committee meetings to P&C executive
  • Arranges for minutes to be kept of meetings and forwards an electronic copy of the minutes to the Secretary for document storage
  • Reports back at each P&C General Meeting, or if unavailable, delegates to a committee member.
  • Emails report prior to P&C General Meeting to the Secretary. Report required after each sub-committee meeting. If there has been no meeting a brief statement is all that is required.

Building Projects Sub-Committee

Building Projects Convenor

  • Convene building committee meetings as required
  • Oversee progress of current projects

Uniform Sub-Committee

Uniform Convenor

  • Maintain uniform shop policies
  • Liase with P&C and CHS Principal
  • Liase with volunteers, employees, work with uniform shop manager to prepare and present reports
  • Convene uniform shop committee meetings once a term


  • Liase with P&C treasurer and auditor
  • Pay wages, maintain wage records, pay superannuation quarterly, prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports for uniform committee
  • Ensure all financial records are properly kept and are accurate

Other Positons

Fundraising Co-ordinator

  • Oversee the various fundraising and social activities run by the P&C.

Locker Co-ordinator

  • Attend Orientation day and take payments for locker bookings for the following year’s year 7
  • Keep a waiting list so lockers can be allocated during the year if they become available
  • At the end of year check lockers, collect locker padlocks and refund deposit

Website Administrator

  • Maintain website and update when requested by executive or committee convenors