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Moving from primary to high school represents a significant change for a young person and their family. Moving from one high school to a new high school is also a change for your young person.

In moving from primary to high school, your child will need to adjust to completing more school work, physically moving around the school to different lessons and adjusting to a number of different specialist teachers, working in a more independent and self-directed way, having more homework expected of them and tackling the new challenges that come with making new friends.

Chatswood High School has orientation programs for new students and parents (subject to COVID pandemic restrictions). Year 7 2022 orientation webinar details are below:

Year 7 2022 Orientation Webinar recording

Chatswood High School website

Chatswood High School Facebook page

Contacting the school

Always ensure that Chatswood High school has your latest contact details through the contact details form – especially email address so you can keep up to date with the school. Chatswood High contact details

School uniform

Students of Chatswood High are required to wear uniform on school days and when attending school excursions and functions. The uniform shop has details on the uniform requirements.

Uniform shop

Chatswood High School Canteen

Chatswood High Canteen is operated by an external provider, more information on the service can be found on the school website


Chatswood High P and C

Chatswood High P and C provides a way for parents to stay in touch with the school and provide feedback to the school. Chatswood High P and C provides a way for parents to stay in touch with the school and provide feedback to the school.  Membership of the P&C is voluntary and only $2 per year.  All parents are welcome to join. 

About the Parents and Citizens Organisation

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P&C facebook group

Here are a few additional links to help with parent life a Chatswood High:

Locker Hire

New building works

How to get involved with the Chatswood High school community:

•Attend P&C meetings

•Volunteer in the uniform shop

•Help with social events & fundraising